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Round 1 only a month away

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-08-30 23:15

We'll have a practice day, a BBQ etc ... and need your input on grading etc

A reminder, round one is on Sunday the 5th of October, which is only a month away!

We're going to grade to D grade if we get enough entries - a minimum of 4 people per grade is required, if there's enough variance in flying 200 times and sufficient entries we'll grade to D grade.

We're also going to revise the grading time credit for the purpose of aggregate prizes, last year we used 0.75s for B grade and 1.5s for C grade, but each round the A graders won the aggregate quite easily (Big Jeremy was just too fast!).  I'm open to suggestions based on last year to alter this weighting for times.  Last year the grading was roughly as follows :

A grade 12-13s
B grade 13-14s
C grade 14s or more

This did vary from round to round, but was generally around that depending on the times set by the riders in qualifying. I'm thinking that we might change the offset to 0.9s for B and 1.8s for C grade and 2.7s for D if we use it, but I would appreciate feedback from you about this.

Last series started slowly but gained momentum, this time we're hoping for a better start so you get some really good quality racing and hot competition (and more prizemoney!)

We've done promotional cards, if you can help promote the series, please let me know and I'll arrange to get some to you.

We're also hoping to run a practice day the weekend before the first round, with no timing, no set schedule, just a chance for you to have a play at match sprinting at Blackburn if you want to work out lines for flying 200's etc. We will also have a practice BBQ at this practice day, with practice sausages and practice bread etc, for free, of course, to competitors and people giving it a go.



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