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Mopping up from round 2

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-11-04 19:13

Comments and thoughts on round 2, and a request for feedback from you!

Round 2 was quite a success, we were down a little on numbers from our sellout of round 1 (21 instead of 30) but the racing was close and exciting and I think went quite smoothly. Given the weather forecast, the long weekend and a country carnival on the same day that's pretty good. Last season we'd have been ecstatic if we had 21 riders on a perfect day, but with the benchmark set at round 1 with a sellout 30 riders, any less than a full field is disappointing!

We had a couple of issues with a race running a lap too long in D grade, and another with an attack before the start, but I think that was sorted out pretty quickly, in future if that sort of thing happens again we should re-run the affected races, it was unfortunate that one rider was the 'victim' both times.

Other than that, the day ran very smoothly, with everyone marshaling in the infield promptly and no delays to the running of the flying 200's or the rounds. We ran, including F200's, about 60 races on the day. The BBQ starting up at the start of round 3 worked well and we had good numbers at presentation. It was great to have Jono from Bontrager to hand out the prizes, we're hoping next round he'll have his track bike and will race with us.

I'm not sure if we should persist with pre-entries, or if we do, if we should change how they work a little. We had 25 pre-entrants and a number of them did not show up or let us know they weren't going to, which may have dissuaded some other riders from coming needlessly. I'm very open to suggestions for how to handle pre-entries such that we have some sort of guarantee that pre-entrants are going to come or let us know with sufficient warning that they can't come. Sometimes 'life happens' and that's got to be allowed for, so if anyone has a suggestion for how to handle pre-entries better than our current honesty system, I'd love to hear from you

I've got all the video online now on youtube, you can see it all here

Additionally a brief selection of photos and Dino's race report is here

More photos will be online as soon as I can get them all ready to put on the webserver, there's about 400 of them.

We didn't sell any copies of the full high-res video and photos from round 1, which I was a bit surprized about, was $30 too expensive? Again, feedback on this is much appreciated.

Thankyou all for your involvement, we'll be working to make round three (Sun Dec 7th) even better than rounds one and two.


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