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Proposed changes for round 2

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-10-07 02:24

We learned a lot at round 1, in particular how to deal with a full field. Things went well, but we can do better ....

Proposed procedural changes for round 2

  1. Take pre-entries by email to Carl.  This requires that pre-entrants arrive no later than 12:00pm or their entries will be returned to the pool and we will have a standby list if required. 12:00pm gives riders racing at Glenvale or St Kilda enough time to get to Blackburn.
  2. Strict order for flying 200's based on entry time.  ie: the earlier you enter, the earlier your F200 happens. We were a bit lucky that we got the F200's done in time
  3. Each grade to marshall at the start of their round by grade, and to be given a common briefing by the commissaire at the start of the round (by grade).  We did this for round 1 after the first few races and it worked very well.
  4. Riders to start and finish each race or F200 at the infield rail. This saves a lot of time with riders clipping in etc and reduces time between races.  The only way on the track to be by the main gate.  Jumping the fence will be completely banned.
  5. We're considering if printing out many copies of the draw is necessary - we may put a draw up at the gate, the clubrooms etc and not hand out individual draws unless requested, this will save time and resources


We want your feedback on this, please email Carl with your feedback and suggestions.

Good Work on the changes.

Posted by Nathan Larkin at 2008-10-12 03:00
Not sure about the Pre-Entry. Sounds like a good idea but leaves it ope for all places to pre enter, and nothing for tose that come on the day. Maybe have a limit on the pre entrys so people have a chance to turn up on the day and enter?? I also like a copy of the draw so i would hate to see us not print out copies for everyone.

Great work Carl..

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