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Race roundup for round 1

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-10-06 17:51

A sellout - 30 riders, beautiful weather and great racing!

Round 1 .. what can we write?

Over subscribed, so we had to refuse entry to a few people - I'm very sorry about this, we are constrained by our race format to 30 riders maximum and we can't bend this rule for anyone. We will take pre-entries next time I think, I'm open to suggestions on this.

We did run, in the end, 30 flying 200's, 45 regular 2 lap rounds, 3 demo races for juniors and 8 3 lap finals, for a total of 86 races for the afternoon with no incidents. I think that's great and a tribute to the scorekeepers for dealing with so much work is in order! It's also a credit to each and every rider who raced.  Everyone rode hard and gave it their all, and raced in the spirit of competition, fair and safe.  Thankyou to all of you.

We had fantastic racing, every grade was close, in particular all 10 riders in B grade were within 0.3 of a second in qualifying and the racing reflected that closeness.

The adjusted grade weighting for the aggregate worked well, with a C grader taking the daily aggregate by 0.1s after the adjustment factor (0.9s per grade) was applied. Our new formula, assuming the fastest qualifier from each grade ended up with maximum points, would have had the following result :

A : 12.55

B : 12.77 (13.67)

C : 12.42 (14.22)

D : 12.47 (15.17)

We have 500-odd photos online and I'm working on the video, I have all the finals uploaded to youtube, and will get the rounds done over the next couple of days. Photos are available for purchase as full size JPGs, $5 each. Contact me if you want to arrange copies. A DVD with all the video for the day is also available, that will cost $20 per copy.

Results here

Photos here

Videos uploading to youtube.

I'd like to thank in particular, Sue Dundas who stepped up at the last minute to run the day for us (which meant I could race!) and Pat Dougherty who was commissaire for the day, as well as Anne Apolito who did all the race recording duties, with help from Jodie Dundas, and Jodie, Krissy and Emily Apolito who did various odd jobs and the video camera work. We had help from Alan Dorin with timing, and Craig on the BBQ and Lucie Akers taking still photographs, as well as The Wizard's dad ringing the bell! Thanks also to Nathan Larkin for helping with commentary and generally helping out.

Next round, Sunday the 2nd of November.  Be there early!

Thankyou, Carl

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