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Round 1 results

by Carl Brewer last modified 2015-10-21 07:55
Round grade heat Rider 1 Rider 2 winner

1 D 1 Madeline Currie Ben Fitzsimmons Madeline Currie
1 D 2 David Thomas Jennifer Campbell David Thomas

1 C 1 Connal Murphy William Falkenburg Connal Murphy
1 C 2 Blake Williams John Tucker Blake Williams
1 C 3 Damian Price Jonathan Marr Damian Price
1 C 4 Nicole Holt Rebecca Williamson Nicole Holt

1 B 1 Sam Gallagher David Gallagher Sam Gallagher
1 B 2 Chris Ray Deanna Bax Chris Ray
1 B 3 David Haase David Sommers n/r crash
1 B 4 Cameron Murphy bye Cameron Murphy

1 A 1 Stephen Ellul Sean Cleary Stephen Ellul
1 A 2 James Dann Ryan Worn Ryan Worn

2 D 1 Madeline Currie David Thomas David Thomas
2 D 2 Jennifer Campbell Ben Fitzsimmons Jennifer Campbell

2 C 1 Connal Murphy Damian Price Connal Murphy
2 C 2 Blake Williams Nicole Holt Blake Williams
2 C 3 John Tucker Jonathan Marr John Tucker
2 C 4 William Falkenburg Rebecca Williamson William Falkenburg

2 B 1 Sam Gallagher Deanna Bax Sam Gallagher
2 B 2 Cameron Murphy David Gallagher Cameron Murphy
2 B 3 Chris Ray bye Chris Ray

2 A 1 Stephen Ellul James Dann James Dann
2 A 2 Ryan Worn Sean Cleary Ryan Worn


D 3v4 Jennifer Campbell Ben Fitzsimmons Jennifer Campbell

D 1v2 David Thomas Madeline Currie David Thomas

C 3v4 John Tucker William Falkenburg John Tucker

C 1v2 Connal Murphy Blake Williams Blake Williams

B 3v4 Cameron Murphy David Gallagher Cameron Murphy

B 1v2 Sam Gallagher Chris Ray Sam Gallagher

A 3v4 James Dann Sean Cleary James Dann

A 1v2 Ryan Worn Stephen Ellul Stephen Ellul

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