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Race format

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-10-23 16:44

How the races will be run

Version 1.1, 24 Oct 2009

Riders will qualify at first with flying 200s commencing at 12pm sharp (entries open at 11:30 and close at 12:30).  The time retained for series aggregate countback purposes is the fastest one recorded by a rider, the time for the daily aggregate countback is the time set on the day.  Timing is by automatic timing with a backup of hand stopwatchs with two timekeepers.  Should the automatic system fail to record a time, the average of the two hand-timed results  is recorded.

Grading will be done based on rider entries on the day and flying 200 times.

Round robin (partial or complete depending on numbers) rounds will commence at 1pm sharp, and will be 2 lap match sprints - the draw for upper and lower positions is by toss of a coin at the start of each match sprint.  Riders may not travel slower than walking pace (~5km/h) and trackstands are illegal.  Otherwise, the rules are the same as for regular match sprinting. Each race in the round robin section has 5 minutes of track time.  You can wait in the infield and leave after the next round, or immediately leave after your race.

It is expected that riders will have at least 10 minutes between races, it is your responsibility to warm up and cool down off the track - we recommend you bring a trainer or rollers for this purpose.

Finals per grade will be decided by accumulated points through the day and flying 200 times used to separate ties and finals will be run as follows :

For each grade :

1st vs 2nd for 1st and 2nd place - 3 laps

3rd vs 4th for 3rd & 4th place - 3 laps

For each day aggregate points will be awarded, and first, second and third finishers in each grade will receive a cash prize taken from the day's entry fees.  The cash prizes will be the same for all grades. Additionally a daily prize will be awarded.  See the 'points' section of this site for the breakdown of the points.

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