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by Carl Brewer last modified 2012-08-28 20:02

Daily and series entries - the rules

Rules for 2012-2013 entries

Each day entries are capped at 32 riders to be split evenly across 4 grades at the discretion of the race organisers.

Entry is open to fully licenced Cycling Australia riders, adults, J19,  J17 and J15's.  Riders below J15 are not permitted to race this series. Junior riders will be restricted to junior gearing rollouts as per the standard junior racing rules.

Entry fees are $15 for the day, or $70 for the series.

Entries open at 1:30pm on race day for daily entries.

Series entries also open at 1:30pm on the first round only.

Entries close at 2:30 or when the day is fully subscribed, whichever comes first.

Pre-entries are accepted by email to the race organisers, but pre-entriy places will only be held until 1:45pm on race day, at which time if the pre-entered rider has not checked in and paid, the entry is void and other riders may enter in place in case the field is fully subscribed. Additionally, failure to notify by email or telephone before 10am on race day will result in a 10 point fine against series aggregate points and no further pre-entries will be accepted in future from a no-show pre-entrant.

Riders with series entries must confirm their entry by signing on personally no later than 1:45pm, after which time their place will be returned to the entry pool for daily entrants to use.  No refund will be given for series entries missed by late or absent riders, all series entry fees forfeited will be added to the daily cash prize pool.

In the event of a day's cancellation due to rain etc, entry fees will be refunded and no aggregate points will be awarded.

Please bring $10 and $5 notes only, no coins or $50 or greater will be accepted for entries.  We have to divide the cash up for prizes and have limited facilities for change.

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